Dave Laird Opens V/O Studio

March 7, 2009 by

TENNESSEE - Are retired broadcasters ever really retired?  In many cases, the answer is "no," and now, you can add former Syracuse personality Dave Laird's name to the "proof positive" list for that argument.

Laird, who retired last July, after working at WYYY, WNTQ, WFBL, WNDR, WSEN, and WEZG -- just to name a few -- has a new voiceover studio set up in his Tennessee home... complete with a website up and running at .

Dave was pleased to report he hasn't had to make use of his snow shovel once all winter in Tennessee.  He also tells,  "I enjoy surfing into your site every day from down here. I realize the changes in the business are nation wide, but when they happen in Syracuse, it's sad.  There are some really good people in Syracuse."

We've also added Dave's website to our Links page.  If you're a current or former on-air personality from Syracuse, Utica-Rome, Watertown or Ithaca/Cortland... we'll add your website too... no charge, just ask!

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