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POTW: WKAL Talent Publicity Poster

UTICA-ROME -- Remember WKAL?  Way back before FM radio took hold in the Mohawk Valley, this 1kW station at 1450AM was among the limited options for radio audiences, especially back in the 40s -- when WIBX was the only other station in the market.  Today, we hear from a former WKAL personality who recently found […]

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POTW: The 93Q Red Shirt Club (2010)

SYRACUSE -- Most of the time, our Pictures of the Week highlight special occasions -- celebrity visits, major station events or milestones, and so forth.  But this week, something different: how an unintended coincidence can turn a seemingly-ordinary day at the station into a humorous moment.

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POTW: Orange Pride from Afar (2010)

SYRACUSE -- Geographically, they may be closer to Villanova, Pennsylvania, but spiritually, Big D and Bubba were rooting with the 34,616 fans in the Carrier Dome for the Orange to BEAT NOVA last Saturday night.

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POTW: Playing in the Snow (2010)

ITHACA/CORTLAND -- While it certainly wasn't the biggest or baddest snowstorm ever (we spotted one report hyping it as a "snow hurricane"), yesterday's snowstorm was the worst we've had so far this season.  We challenged local radio folk to break out their cameras and show us how they're dealing with the snow.

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Quick Impromptu Contest: Show Us Your Snow!

Deadline for entries was 5:00pm tonight, the contest is closed. We still need a Picture of the Week (it launches tomorrow) and we'd love to feature a photo that documents the "obvious" big story of the day: this massive snowstorm! Got a picture of your station van covered in snow? Talent and staff doing snow […]

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POTW: Marty & Shannon Head South (2010)

SYRACUSE -- Health insurance, paid vacation and a retirement plan are nice benefits found at most jobs... but how about a free trip to a resort in the Bahamas?  You might call Mary & Shannon of Hot 107.9 (WWHT) the luckiest morning show co-hosts in town after seeing the pictures from their latest adventure beyond […]

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POTW: Overnights... Remember Those?

WATERTOWN -- Anyone who's been in radio more than 10 years probably remembers when there used to be such a thing as the overnight shift.  Back before computers eliminated the need for someone to manually load CD players and cart machines...

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POTW: Birdman Strikes a Pose (2010)

ITHACA -- Just how popular is Z95.5 (WFIZ) morning host Birdman?  According to Arbitron's latest ratings, he may be doing well on the air, but getting known online seems to be taking a little longer.  But you don't have to take our word for it -- the proof is in the pictures.

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POTW: "Happy Jack" Macnamee Back on the Air (2009)

SYRACUSE -- It's been decades since "Happy Jack" Macnamee sat behind the microphone at WNDR, but his familiar voice returned to the airwaves for a short time this past weekend.

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POTW: A Studio Full of Nostalgia (2009)

For the first Picture of the Week of the new year, we've got a double feature: another reader-submitted memory of the once-mighty WRUN, along with a rather impressive home studio setup.

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