Where are they now? New job for the first Furst to program WSYR

SYRACUSE -- Alan Furst, who once oversaw programming at Y94 (WYYY), 570 WSYR and B104.7 (WBBS) when the Clear Channel stations were owned by NewCity Communications, is on the move once again.  After nearly three years in Indianapolis, Furst has lined up a new programming gig in Houston.

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Kathy Rowe Celebrates 30 Years at Y94

SYRACUSE -- Congratulations to Y94 (WYYY) program director and morning host Kathy Rowe, on her 30 years with the Clear Channel adult contemporary (and temporarily all-Christmas) station.  Rowe, her husband Frank Malfitano and Clear Channel GM Joel Delmonico recently spoke with Jessica Novak of the Syracuse NewTimes (and Cumulus Media's 105.9 The Rebel WXTL) for […]

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Y94 Joins All-Christmas Bandwagon

SYRACUSE -- There are now two Syracuse radio stations offering holiday hits around the clock. Clear Channel adult contemporary station Y94 (WYYY) made the switch during morning drive today.

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All-Christmas Update: Mix 102.5 Switches, Y94 Lets Listeners Decide

Updated 9:45pm to add link to Y94 poll -- SYRACUSE -- Less than a week after Sunny 102.1 (WZUN) made its annual switch to wall-to-wall Christmas music on November 1st, Utica-Rome sister station Mix 102.5 (WUMX) made the switch today, rebranding itself as "ChrisMix 102.5."  And in Syracuse, Clear Channel's Y94 (WYYY) is giving listeners […]

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Christmas Cheer Begins in Syracuse

SYRACUSE -- With the last part of October (before the hurricane, of course) bringing us a few mild days with temperatures in the mid 70s, it's easy to forget winter is just around the corner.  But, like clockwork, the arrival of November once again means the arrival of wall-to-wall Christmas music on at least one […]

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Arbitron Issues Syracuse Summer Ratings

SYRACUSE -- The summer Arbitron book is out for the Syracuse radio market. As has been the policy for quite some time, Arbitron is only releasing Persons 12+ ratings information for stations which subscribe to its full report. With several stations not subscribing, the data released to the public offers an incomplete picture of the […]

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Where Are They Now: Promotions for Kevin Keefe and Jeanne Ashley

SYRACUSE -- Congratulations to a pair of former Syracuse radio broadcasters, who are being promoted in their current jobs.  Jeanne Ashley has a promotion in Miami, and Kevin Keefe is getting ready to step-up his managerial duties in the North Country.

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WYYY Drops "FM" from New Y94 Logo

SYRACUSE -- If you've noticed there's something missing when you tune your radio to 94.5 on the FM dial lately, you're not going crazy.  After nearly 30 years as "Y94FM," the Clear Channel adult contemporary station has a new logo and new on-air imaging branding itself simply as "Y94," minus the FM.

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POTW: Dee and Marti Reunite at Iron Girl (2012)

SYRACUSE -- They haven't crossed paths in roughly 25 years, when one was replacing the other on the morning show at Y94FM (WYYY).  But thanks to social media, these former Syracuse radio personalities were finally able to catch up with each other at last month's Iron Girl triathlon.

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Arbitron Releases Syracuse Spring 2012 Ratings

SYRACUSE -- Unless you've got access to the full Arbitron Spring 2012 ratings report for Syracuse, it can be difficult to tell where the area's radio stations stacked up against each other.  The numbers released to the public today include only 8 of the market's more than 30 stations.

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