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Housecleaning at KROCK: Three Jocks Gone

SYRACUSE -- In what appears to be the next step in a potential local radio coup, Galaxy's KROCK dismissed three on-air personalities today. Trusted sources tell that morning host Dex Mitchell, midday host / program director Nixon, and night host Candace Curby are no longer employed by Galaxy. The purge comes less than 48 […]

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95X Morning Hosts Resign After "Zombie Attack"

SYRACUSE -- With Halloween just around the corner, many listeners likely suspected it was just a comedy bit on the 95X (WAQX) morning show yesterday morning. But the "zombie attack" on co-hosts Hunter Scott and Josh Grosvent was more than just a gag -- after their shift ended, the pair submitted their resignations to management.

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Morning Broadcasters Named "Best of Syracuse"

SYRACUSE -- The competition to be named among the "Best of Syracuse" was considerably intense for local broadcasters this year.  For whatever reason, the Syracuse New Times drastically cut back on the number of broadcast-related categories for its annual contest.  This year's awards, based on reader-submitted votes, include only one category each for TV and […]

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POTW: 90s in the Garden (2012)

SYRACUSE -- A fake screen shot from "Back to the Future Part II" had everyone thinking this past Wednesday was the day Marty McFly visited in the DeLorean... and (thankfully) fans were quick to point out the hoax: McFly warped to 2015.  But it was the real deal last night, when "DJ Sticky Fingaz" and "MC […]

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Walk-Up Radio Returns Tonight After Hiatus

SYRACUSE -- Following a hiatus of more than three months, "Walk-Up Radio" returns tonight.  The weekly netcast/podcast is performed in front of a live audience at Wise Guys Comedy Club, and the "Walk-Up" part comes from the fact anyone in the audience is welcome to walk up to a microphone in the middle of the […]

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POTW: Zombie Prom (2011)

SYRACUSE -- Why should you have to wait all year for Halloween to dress up like a zombie?  Citadel rocker 95X (WAQX) hosted its annual "Zombie Prom" this past weekend in Armory Square.  Listeners were invited to dress up like a zombie -- and members of the on-air staff unquestionably led by example.

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POTW: Walk-Up Radio Nearing 2nd Anniversary (2010)

SYRACUSE -- It's called "Walk-Up Radio" because members of the live audience can walk up to an open mic anytime they want.  Today is exactly two years since Walk-Up Radio debuted, so we thought it fitting to honor the crew with a Picture of the Week, and a plug for the big 2nd Anniversary Show […]

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Josh Grosvent to Handle Mornings at 95X

SYRACUSE -- He's been a regular guest with Ted & Amy on 93Q (WNTQ) for a few years, even stepping in as substitute co-host (with Chris Xaver) whenever Ted & Amy are on vacation.  Starting next month, comedian Josh Grosvent will hosting his own morning show on sister station 95X (WAQX).

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POTW: The 93Q Red Shirt Club (2010)

SYRACUSE -- Most of the time, our Pictures of the Week highlight special occasions -- celebrity visits, major station events or milestones, and so forth.  But this week, something different: how an unintended coincidence can turn a seemingly-ordinary day at the station into a humorous moment.

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93Q's Josh Grosvent to Write for SNL

SYRACUSE -- When the new season of Saturday Night Live begins later this week (with a special set to air Thursday, actually), you could be hearing jokes written by local comedian/DJ Josh Grosvent. He's been hired as a contributing writer for the long-running sketch show's "Weekend Update" segment.

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