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WHCU Back to Full Strength

ITHACA -- News/talker 870 WHCU is back to transmitting at full power, less than 12 hours after a fire at the transmission tower knocked the station off-air for most of yesterday's morning drive hours.  APD Dave Vieser sums it up nicely:

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WHCU Temporarily Sidelined by Transmitter Failure

ITHACA -- News/talk fans might have trouble tuning in WHCU today; the station is using its 1,000-watt nighttime transmitter site 24/7 after an early morning fire at the station's daytime transmission tower forced the station off-air for a few hours.

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Lars Larson Gets New Syndicator

PORTLAND, OR -- Less than a week after Lars Larson was dropped by Westwood One, the Oregon-based talk host has a new syndicator lined up.  The deal means Larson will remain on the air with at least one of his two local affiliates.

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Westwood Cancels Lars Larson; 2 Area Stations Impacted

PORTLAND, OR -- According to, syndication giant Westwood One has cancelled the Lars Larson show "effective immediately," leaving affiliates to line up replacements.  Larson is reportedly seeking a new syndicator so he can stay on the air.  (Updated 3/20)

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Saga Cluster Gives Away a Wedding

ITHACA - We apologize we're a few days late on this one.  A unique contest held last week by Saga's Ithaca/Cortland cluster: the group gave away an entire wedding, hosted in the food court at The Shops at Ithaca Mall.  More details and photos appear in the Lansing Star Online.

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Vanness and Hansom Dropped by I-100

ITHACA -- A rather unfortunate week for local radio personalities continues. Two staffers at Saga rocker I-100 (WIII) are the latest casualties of the recession that has forced radio operators near and far to trim staffing levels to save money.

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WHCU Interviews Governor Paterson

ITHACA-CORTLAND -- Governor David Paterson's statewide tour (via telephone) of radio stations continued with a stop at WHCU this morning.

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Saga Reverse Stock Split Takes Effect

When the New York Stock Exchange opens today, shares in Saga Communications stock will be worth about four times what they closed at yesterday.  But shareholders didn't hit the lottery: they'll own only a quarter of the number of shares.  (Sidebar inside: Updates on Citadel and Regent delisting threats)

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POTW: Covering the Inauguration (2009)

WASHINGTON -- There seem to be conflicting reports on exactly how many people went to Washington, DC to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama on Tuesday, but we know of at least two local radio journalists who made the trip.  And one even provided with his own account of how things went.

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WHCU's Dunn & Veiser Go to Washington

ITHACA/CORTLAND -- Saga's WHCU is sending Geoff Dunn and Dave Vieser to Washington, DC to provide live coverage of the inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow.  To the best of our knowledge, they're the only local reporters in territory making the trip.

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