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POTW: Intern Dave Checks In (2009)

UTICA-ROME -- He's not only the night jock at KISS-FM (WSKS/WSKU)... we're proud to report "Intern Dave" Wheeler is also an avid reader!

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POTW: The Boys from Syracuse (2009)

SYRACUSE -- They're competitors on the radio -- battling for the same pool of listeners and advertising dollars.  But off-air, you won't see a re-enactment of the fight scene from Anchorman.  Instead, you're more likely to catch these guys huddling up to smile for the camera.

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POTW: DeafGeoff Goes Postal (2009)

SYRACUSE - Even if you got a nice refund from Uncle Sam this year, simply preparing your tax return can be pretty stressful.  This Tax Day, some stress relief from Hot 107.9's DeafGeoff.

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POTW: It's All About the Kids (2009)

UTICA-ROME -- "It's all about the kids."  Those five, simple words are the unofficial motto behind everything that happens at Lite 98.7 (WLZW)'s annual radiothon to benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

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POTW: Farewell, Newscenter 5 (Mid 1980s)

SYRACUSE -- One last time... it's not radio, but it's been an historic week for Syracuse broadcasting.  Earlier this week, WTVH (Channel 5) fired about 40 people without warning, after announcing it would be entering a shared-services agreement with WSTM (Channel 3).  In this installment of the POTW, a look back at better times for […]

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POTW: Kiss-FM Meets the Original American Idols (2002)

UTICA-ROME -- After a couple weeks off due a combination of illness, lack of submissions and being overwhelmingly busy... the Picture of the Week is back!  And this week, we have Kenny the Promo Guy from Kiss-FM to thank for sending in this blast from the past from his personal collection.

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POTW: 5 Years with Marty & Shannon (2009)

SYRACUSE -- It's been five years since Marty & Shannon were teamed up as morning hosts on Hot 107.9 (WWHT).  They celebrated last weekend with a big party at the FunJunction in Cicero.

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POTW: Covering the Inauguration (2009)

WASHINGTON -- There seem to be conflicting reports on exactly how many people went to Washington, DC to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama on Tuesday, but we know of at least two local radio journalists who made the trip.  And one even provided with his own account of how things went.

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POTW: WTLB Reunion (2006)

UTICA-ROME -- Instead of our usual (and often unproductive) tirade of searching station websites for new POTW candidates, we decided to try Google Image Search.  It took awhile, but we finally struck gold with a reunion of WTLB staffers.

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POTW: Chasing Down the Story (2008)

SYRACUSE - Radio news reporters are often caught on-camera by local papers or TV stations when covering big stories... but this week, one WSYR radio reporter found herself in a photo published by the New York Times.

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